Cape Coral Sewer Hook Up

Cape Coral Sewer Hook UpRohaley & Sons Plumbing Contractors, Inc. are your contractors for Cape Coral sewer hook up. If you are a Cape Coral resident and don’t think this service pertains to you, think again. The city of Cape Coral is implementing its Utilities Extension Project. In their words, “Cape Coral originally was a low-density, rural community with septic tanks and shallow groundwater wells. Today, these shallow wells are depleting the upper groundwater aquifer, while failed septic tank effluent can flow into groundwater and canals which has the potential to cause environmental problems.”

The city continues to grow and the call for a more sustainable system is louder than ever. The city has concluded that they will connect into the existing water treatment system and resident’s will do away with their septic tanks.

Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Dependable supply of high-quality, good tasting drinking water
  • Water conservation for irrigation
  • Enhanced property values
  • Economic growth

Rohaley & Sons are experts in Cape Coral sewer hook up. Contact us today and discuss your needs regarding your sewer system and septic tank. Always call before you dig! Whether you need to work with your septic system or even building a fence, sprinkler system, or anything else, always call! Rohaley & Sons Plumbing Contractors, Inc. has been in the plumbing contracting business since 1975. We are bringing our experience and expertise to Cape Coral and beyond!